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Thermoforce Jacket [Black]

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A high-performance padded jacket suitable for winter.

The Thermoforce Jacket is a high-performance outer jacket that protects anglers from the cold during the harsh winter months.

The inserted high-performance batting "DANGTOUGH" has a proprietary blend of high-precision ceramic particles kneaded into the fibers, which has a heat retention effect by absorbing and radiating heat emitted from the wearer's body. I will increase it. In addition, by applying a seamless process that eliminates the quilting (stitching) that is common in down-based items, it has a solid silhouette despite being padded. This reduces the feeling of bulkiness and hinders movement.

The inner back has been designed with aluminum print processing and inner cuffs to prevent cold air from entering through the sleeves to increase heat retention.

Another great feature is that if it gets dirty or smells, you can wash it by hand at home, making it easy to maintain.

The outer fabric has been treated to be water repellent, and the main zipper and zippers on both sides are waterproof.

The Thermoforce jacket combines design and functionality, making it ideal for a variety of winter activities, including fishing.

We have set sizes up to XXL, which has been in high demand, so that more anglers can wear it.

*Due to the size and padding, it may feel a little small when worn. If you are wearing a thick hoodie inside, please consider going one size larger.

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