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TIMON Spoon Wallet R [Olive]

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TIMON spoon wallet that can store spoons systematically has been updated with a stylish design and more comfortable specifications!!

The TIMON spoon wallet, designed not only for systematic storage of spoons but also for the conditions of hooks, has been released with an updated design and specifications.

Convenient guidelines have been added to store spoons neatly, and the clear sheet that prevents spoons from interfering with each other has been made thicker to prevent damage to lures.

A mesh structure is used to store the hook in its best condition without compromising the sharpness of the tip of the hook. The system that hooks the hook onto the mesh part inside the wallet prevents the hook points from being worn out when storing by "hanging" the wallet instead of "sticking" it to the partition.

The lineup includes three colors that can be used differently depending on the design and purpose. By passing your hand through the finger strap when unfolding the wallet, you can prevent the wallet from falling accidentally.

This spoon wallet is not only for storing spoons, but is also full of ideas for the situations in which they will be used.

*When storing hooks with barbs, please be aware that the barbs may get caught on the mesh and cause damage to the mesh.

*Due to the storage structure that uses a hook, even if the main unit is closed, the spoon may come off the partition due to vibration or impact. Please handle with care.

*This product is only sold as a case. Spoon is not included.

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