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CiAN HD Backpack [Black]

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A backpack exclusively for rock shore that combines high durability, waterproofness, and large capacity.

■Dedicated backpack forged on the rock This backpack has the "durability, waterproofness, and large capacity" required as carry gear for rock shores, regardless of whether it's on the shore or offshore. It is possible to transport all kinds of items such as lures, reels, and other tackle, as well as caught fish, camping equipment, and cooking utensils.

■Various useful gimmicks Equipped with gimmicks that allow you to store items that cannot or do not fit inside the bag. It is especially useful for fishing off the shore, where you need to pack your luggage, and for fishing expeditions by Shinkansen, airplanes, etc.

■Thoroughly reinforced In consideration of contact with the ground, the bottom part has a double structure. Assuming that you would sometimes carry loads weighing up to 30 kg on your back, the sewing parts such as the shoulder area and side belts were thoroughly reinforced to ensure high durability.
*Hanging test conducted at 50kg/24h (This is a reference value for the test and does not guarantee performance under all conditions.)

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