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Cool neck gaiter [solid navy]

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A must-have item that reduces damage to your skin.

New colors are now available for the popular cool neck gaiter.

In addition to solid black and solid navy, chartreuse colors will be available as new colors that will become a focal point for coordination.

The material is UPF 50+ UV protection material.

The field is constantly exposed to strong ultraviolet rays due to reflections from the water surface.

It is no exaggeration to say that measures against not only skin damage from UV rays, but also loss of concentration and heat stroke are now essential as part of tackle selection in order to make the most of the day's fishing.

The cool neck gaiter uses quick-drying material that is both cool to the touch and UV resistant, reducing damage to the face and neck.

Cut in three dimensions to comfortably cover the entire face.

In addition, the front is made of mesh fabric so as not to obstruct breathing.

The design featuring the jackal logo makes it appealing as a focal point on the field.

*Due to the characteristics of the material, contact with objects with rough surfaces may cause it to tangle or break, so please use with caution.

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