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[Bun-chan recommended! ] Anorak made possible by user feedback

This is Fumina Ishikawa from JACKALL staff. As a multi-angler who fishes for offshore, embankment, pool trout, mountain streams, etc., I have more opportunities to talk with users who enjoy fishing at events and fishing spots than other staff members. Also, I want you to make it with JACKALL! We are involved in the creation of apparel products by sharing user feedback within the company.

This time, we will focus on the newly released ST anorak jacket.

want! Is that sold in stores? ?

"That's what Bun-chan and Mizuno-san are wearing. Where are they sold?"

This was one of the motivations for creating the ST anorak jacket. At the fishing festival held every January, staff members wear exclusive clothing, which conveys the concept image of the year. At that time, in 2020, Hirosato Mizuno and I were wearing an emerald green anorak with a dull look.

I was surprised by the positive reactions from highly sensitive users when wearing this anorak.

We received surprisingly happy comments at various events after the fishing festival, such as ``I want to go fishing while wearing that'' and ``It's difficult to control the temperature in spring and autumn, so this is just right.'' .

But at the same time, it was hard for me to tell them, ``Sorry, this is a product for staff use only, not for sale.'' (I still remember it)

That's why, despite my frustration, I continued to convey everyone's feedback to the apparel team, and I remember being happy when it was decided that it would be commercialized.

What we seek together with our apparel team

As with the lures and rods that JACKALL specializes in, the extent to which you can convey your opinions at the sample stage is directly linked to the creation of products that you are satisfied with.
So the apparel team and I have five things we look for in an ST anorak jacket.

1. Thickness of the fabric → Since the fabric will be worn in exquisite climates, it should be thick enough to be neither too thin nor difficult to move.

2. Comfortable to wear for fishing → The size is suitable for “fishing” that moves around the arms and shoulders, but does not impair the silhouette.

3. Selection of water-repellent fabric → Since fishing can be a blessing in disguise, even a little rain can be a blessing, so we achieved durable water repellency by using SPLATECT.

4. Width of the front pocket → Since it is intended for fishing, it should be wide enough to allow easy access to wide worm packages and tools.

5. Strength of the front pocket → The opening and closing part should not sag due to the weight of the pocket. I decided on this after considering whether to use a zipper for the pocket opening or whether buttons would be better.

These five issues were our main challenges, and I was honestly surprised that after making several samples, we were able to incorporate everyone's opinions. The detailed nuances and size impressions, including fine adjustments, are conveyed in one click, giving the impression that they have been sampled and commercialized.

Also, if you could add a packable feature to it, it would be easier to carry and wouldn't get in the way even after you take it off. By coming up with this new idea, we were able to give form to the positive aspects of Jackal.

Presented to users

The ST anorak jacket was exhibited in the apparel area of ​​the JACKALL booth at the Fishing Festival 2023 (January 20th to 22nd) as a pre-release announcement.

To be honest, I was worried about the reaction...I remember popping into the apparel booth from time to time and asking people, ``Is there anything you're interested in releasing?''
After all, it was a project that was talked about at this venue!

At that time, the three colors exhibited were yellow, black, and green. JACKALL staff was able to hear directly from users about the colors they wanted, and the 2023 release colors were decided to be yellow and black.

The feedback from users who are looking forward to the release is really encouraging and important. Thank you to all users who provided feedback.

Now, the completed ST anorak jacket. I will show you how I would coordinate it.


ST anorak jacket (yellow)
Hybrid stretch pants (black)
Knit beanie (black)

The combination with the knit cap you want to wear this season is a must-have. Because the anorak is a light fabric, you'll want to choose the bottom if you use a boa cap, so coordinate it with a knit beanie for a neat look.

By making your anorak yellow, it will brighten up the area around your face. I've always been a fan of black, so I avoided it because I thought ``yellow is a bit of a drag...'' but since there's a large amount of black around the shoulders, it's a nice accent and I can wear it without any hesitation.

The black color makes it easy to match the bottoms with black pants or denim that you usually wear, so we recommend them.


ST anorak jacket (black)
Soft shell pants type 2 (glacier)
Knit beanie (black)

It is a coordination that combines an overall dark tone with purple as an accent color.
Those who have seen my SNS so far may be surprised and think, "Purple!?" Yes, I don't really have anything to do with purple (or rather, I don't wear it with it).
However, when a female member of the apparel team told me, ``This kind of combination is wonderful,'' I was able to lose my preconceptions and start liking myself by trying new things (for me).

What kind of clothes should I wear when I go fishing next week?

This apparel is released by JACKALL, so it is intended to be used for fishing. However, I feel that it is apparel that uplifts the mood.

Maybe it's because I was involved in it, but it's still fun to think about things like, ``How should I match the cap?'' or ``This color would be good with the bottom,'' which makes fishing even more enjoyable. I think this is one of the elements for this.

``Style of fishing'' is not just about actual fishing.
I would be happy if you could add this ST anorak jacket to your fishing activities.