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Advance and limited sale of Basakura commemorative model “Maecon 180SF” has been decided!

In conjunction with the Basser All Star Classic 2023 to be held at Kasumigaura Tournament Place from October 28th to 29th, the MAEKON 180SF will be pre-sold at the tournament venue.

Along with this, we have also decided to sell it on this Jackal official shopping site!

Let's enjoy the once-a-year "Basakura" not only by those who go to the venue, but also by watching from home!

MAEKON 180SF / MAEKON 180SF is a joint bait equipped with a new mechanism MONO Flex Joint System that infinitely expands the possibilities of lure fishing.

By increasing the degree of freedom of the body, you can achieve staggered roll action and pin spot invitations when inputting swing actions. Also, I got a lively action during straight retrieve.

Autographed by Toshiro Ono and Kyoya Fujita

The color to be released this time is a commemorative model with the Basser All Star Classic logo printed on RT matte bora pearl.

In addition, it will be a special edition only for this occasion , with autographs from Toshiro Ono and Kyoya Fujita, who will be participating in the Basser All-Star Classic !

Toshiro Ono Professional
Kyoya Fujita Pro
Before leaving for Lake Kasumigaura

Release details

The sale at WEBSHOP will be from 12:00 PM on October 28th.

Each person may purchase up to one item of each item.

Shipping is scheduled to begin on November 2nd (Thursday).

Quantities are limited. We kindly ask for your understanding in case the item is sold out.

You can enjoy the JACKALL booth all day long.

In order to liven up the local venue, the Jackal booth event will be delivered at the highest volume ever.
In addition to the pre-sale of "MAEKON 180SF", there will also be a limited lottery at the Basser All-Star Classic 2023 venue where you can try once for 500 yen, an apparel guerrilla sale where you can get the highly functional and popular Jackal wear at a great value, and Revoltage . We are planning a rod test .

The latest information on Basser All Star Classic 2023 JACKALL booth will be distributed on JACKALL official SNS. Please check it.

We look forward to your visit to the Jackal booth.

Please check the official page for details on Basar All-Star Classic 2023.