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[Pre-sale] Mikey Suspend is reprinted for the first time in 13 years!

When you mention " Mikey Festival, " which is one of Japan's three major festivals, many people may think it's nostalgic.

After receiving many requests, we decided to announce the release of " Mikey" , which has never been released to the general public. SP/ "Mikey Suspended " will be reprinted in limited quantities for the first time in 13 years.

This time, to commemorate the reprint, we will be releasing three carefully selected and brushed up colors.

clear lime beer

A color that respects the "Tipsy Beer" color that existed in Mikey's super popular limited edition color.

At that time, it was a violet color with a purple base, but this time we used a highly visible lime color back as a base and a beer color that had been producing explosive fishing results from the body to the belly.
It shows outstanding power not only in situations where the water is colored, but also in situations where it is cleared.

Black Pirarucu R

We have updated the most popular color among Jackal staff members when they think of Mikey.

The R at the end of the color name means Reiwa. In reproducing it in modern times, we suppressed the glare of the original Black Pirarucu and finished it in a calm color that is a little more mature. In addition, we have reviewed the unique scale pattern that shows Pirarucu's red color and will release it in a new color with a new look.

Please experience the mysterious fish attracting power of Black Pirarucu in the field, which can hardly be called a match-the-bait.

albino rainbow trout

This color allows you to visually enjoy the intense bite that is the best part of Mikey. Of course, it is effective in Ikehara Dam and Boso Reservoir, where rainbow trout are the main bait, but like Black Pirarucu, it is a color that is effective even in fields where there are no rainbow trout, which cannot be said to be a match-the-bait.

Online advance, in-store sales

Each color is a coloring that takes advantage of Mikey's unique wobble action.

This time, before general delivery, we will be holding a limited quantity pre-sale to commemorate the renewal of the Web Shop!!

In addition, limited quantities will be delivered to general fishing gear stores in early September.

Don't miss out on the reprint production of Mikey Suspend for the first time in 13 years!!

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Mikey SP / Mikey Suspend

Length: 135mm

Weight: 35g


Price: ¥4,730 (tax included)

*Purchase is limited to one of each color per person. note that.