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[Resale decided] Tiaro's web-limited weights will be re-released!

Last year, Tiaro's limited weights (commonly known as Decatiaro: 2.6g, 3.1g, 3.8g) were released exclusively on the official shopping site, but in response to demand, we have decided to re-release them.

basic spoon

Tiaro is a basic spoon with a wide range of retrieval capacities from slow to fast. The teardrop shape that grabs water well and the subtle bend angle of the nose and cup make it appealing with large wobbling.

3 size lineup

When you arrive at a fishing spot and want to check the situation first, use Normal Tiaro when the fishing is highly active. When you want to appeal to a large pond and attract fish, use the Decatiaro. Please use Chibi Tiaro when the size of the trout is small or when you want to reduce the silhouette.

Color lineup

The lineup includes 6 colors. Grikin Chart and Holo Chart Black are color lineups limited to this Decatiaro.

Release date: Friday, December 1st from 12:00 PM

Price: 454 yen per piece (499 yen including tax)
*Purchase is limited to 3 pieces of each color per person. note that.