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[Suitable for mid-winter season] ST down warm jacket & pants

Although the forecast is for a mild winter this year, the weather is getting colder and the real winter-like cold has arrived. Especially in the field, the cold wind blows through and it feels even colder than in the city.

This season's lineup of ST down warm jackets and pants is Jackal's first full-fledged down wear.

The reason behind the development was, ``When it comes to winter fishing, how much you can stand in the field is the most directly connected to the fishing results.No matter how cold it is, the clothing that protects the angler is in some ways even more important than the tackle.'' These were the words of a certain Jackal professional.

By incorporating the specifications required for the fishing scene, we have created the ST down warm jacket and pants that are suitable for fishing scenes in the middle of winter.

Durable water-repellent "Supratect" is applied to the entire garment.

Down naturally absorbs moisture easily, and is affected by sweat and water vapor emitted by the body, as well as moisture from the outside air, causing it to sag and lose its heat-retaining effect.

To solve this problem, we treated it with durable water repellent ``Supratect''. One of the features of Supratect is that it is possible to apply water-repellent treatment to not only the surface of the garment, but also the inside and parts. The down it contains is no exception.

By applying water repellent treatment to the down itself, It is resistant to moisture, which is the natural enemy of down, and is resistant to fading.

Balances warmth and lightness with a heat retention capacity of over 700FP

The down contained is high quality down containing 90% down and 10% feather. Fill power is over 700FP. (Fill power is a unit that indicates the bulk of down, and the higher the value, the warmer it is.) Wearing it in combination with winter innerwear will maximize its effectiveness and protect anglers from the harsh cold.

The ST Down Warm Jacket and Pants are sold separately, so you can use either one in combination to match your existing clothing.

Please enjoy winter fishing.

Scheduled to be released from 12:00 PM on 12/1 (Friday)