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[There is a difference in the standard! ] Jackal's long sleeve T-shirt won't get loose and will stay comfortable!

The long sleeve T-shirts that were popular last year are now available again this year.

The moderately loose silhouette won't make you feel cramped and won't get stiff! For this reason, it is an item that is loved by many Jackal staff members.

This long sleeve T-shirt After careful consideration of the material, we decided to use a fabric made from vortex yarn based on the concept of ``something that can be used for both fishing and everyday wear, and that can be worn comfortably for a longer period of time.''

Vortex yarn is a yarn spun using a special spinning method, and is said to be the ``spun yarn with the least amount of feathers,'' which makes it less likely to pill and is also highly durable.

By applying a hard-raised finish that makes it easy to maintain the silhouette, When worn, it creates a mysterious and addictive feeling of ``strength yet smooth.''

↑Features a smooth yet firm texture

Even though it has a wide silhouette, it doesn't wrinkle easily, making it a long T-shirt that won't lose its shape even after repeated washing.

It also has antibacterial and deodorizing properties to keep you comfortable.

↑Highly durable and antibacterial and deodorizing, it can be used heavily for fishing and other activities.

This long-sleeved T-shirt is simple yet full of Jackal's commitment, and can be worn for a long season from fall to spring, making it a versatile item.

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Long sleeve tea (antibacterial and deodorizing)

Size: S~XXL

¥5,940 (tax included)