My name is Yamashita from the Planning and Development Department and I am in charge of the CiAN series.

Let me briefly introduce myself.

Usually, I mainly target blackfin sea bass and amberjack on the rocky shores (northern Kyushu, Kii Peninsula, Noto Peninsula), and when I go to offshore, I also target bottom fish such as stone sea bream and mullet. I also go on expeditions to the Satsuma Islands about five times a year, chasing yellowfin trevally and dogtooth tuna.

There are probably some people reading this column who feel the same way.

`` A person who has dedicated his life to the sea .''

Now, three new products from the Cyan series will be released in the fall of 2023.

①Cyan Holofil Air RS Vest

②Cyan HD Backpack

③Cyan mesh tackle case

Explanations are provided on the product page and You Tube video.

In this column, I will introduce the development secrets and behind-the-scenes parts of these three products in two parts.

CiAN Hollofil AIR™ RS VEST

The concept behind this vest is " high mobility, high durability, and high functionality ."

It's light, comfortable, and easy to move around in, and it's packed with useful features all over the place.

From the beginning of development, we had decided to use Cordura Holofil Air as the fabric, so it was easy to achieve both lightness and strength.

So, what took the most time was the shape .

The first thing I decided on was the detail around the shoulders .

In the movements expected in rock shore fishing, the part where the body and the vest interact is the part that moves most violently, so it is very important from the point of view of ``requiring high maneuverability.''

After creating and testing several types of samples, we decided on a design with large cuts on the back, especially around the shoulder blades.

early samples

Product version

Attack the last line that does not interfere with movement,

It still serves as a life vest protector.

As for the front shoulder area, in addition to the shape of the buoyant body, a sufficient range of motion is ensured by the belt being positioned exactly at the shoulder area.

In fact, it was originally a one-piece type that was popular in the area.

(I'm not sure if that's the right way to say it, but the back and front are connected) I was also making samples.

One piece type sample

There are two reasons why I ultimately chose the separate type.

One, as mentioned above, is to keep the shoulder area refreshed and ensure range of motion.

The other reason is to be able to adjust the length.

I am 181 cm tall, so a one-piece life jacket is not long enough.

I was dissatisfied with my stomach being completely exposed.

Also, if you have a very good physique like Cyan tester Masakata, some things may look like you're wearing a bikini.

Therefore, we have created a separate type that allows you to adjust the length to accommodate a wide range of body types and heights.

Also, not only the shoulder area but also the neck area was shaved widely.

In addition to reducing the feeling of pressure on your neck, it can efficiently dissipate heat that has risen in the summer.

In addition, GoPro (and other action cameras), which have recently become more common on beaches,

If you are using a neck mount, I think this vest with a wide neck and chest area will be easy to wear.

Left: Proto Right: Product version

At this point, the best silhouette has been decided.

From here on, it's time to finalize the other parts and functions.

First, the pillow part .

I definitely wanted to avoid hitting the back of my head and putting pressure on it, so I set it at the perfect angle to protect my neck but not get in the way.

Although it is removable, we recommend that you keep it on for safety.

Also, since the area that touches the skin of your neck is made of neoprene material, I don't think it will rub or irritate your skin.

Next is the fish grip holder.

This part also underwent a lot of prototyping.

The D-ring that is held between the grips is set in such a position that the rear end of the grip does not protrude from the lower end of the floating body after installation.

If it sticks out, it will hit your thighs when you bend down or climb rocks, but if it sticks out too high, it will hit your arm when you operate the rod.

Therefore, we pursued an exquisite position that would not interfere with that movement.

A belt using Velcro is used to secure the grip.

By sewing both male and female Velcro onto the belt, it prevents it from peeling off automatically due to shaking of the grip, and reduces wear and tear on the Velcro.

Also, by stretching the belt diagonally, the male belt, once removed, hangs down.

This is to prevent the removed belt from unintentionally sticking again, and to allow for smooth grip removal.

And a front pocket .

Since it is attached to both the left and right sides, it is easy to use with either dominant hand. As a right-handed person, I keep pliers in my left pocket and scraps of thread and other debris in my right pocket.

The capacity is relatively large, and you can store small items such as rings, sleeves, and hooks with plenty of room.

Finally, there are D-rings placed in 14 locations.

The equipment attached to a life jacket varies depending on the angler.

I only use fish grips, files, glove holders, and chest pouches, but some people also add pliers holders, knives, plastic bottle holders, stringers, etc.

D-rings are placed in various places so that each angler can customize it according to their preferences.

For safety, please be sure to attach the crotch strap and securely fasten the zipper or buckle when using the product.

In the next journal, we will talk about the Cyan HD Backpack.

Click here for the product page.

CiAN Hollofil AIR TM RS Vest