The concept of this product is `` a full-time, comfortable lure case, from preparation to cleanup. ''

The main features are the mesh part of the lid and the two handles on the top and side.

First, the mesh part.

When washing or removing salt from lures after fishing, you can shorten the time it takes to clean up the lure by filling it with water through the mesh part without opening the lid and draining the water by holding the handle on the side.

After fishing, you usually come back exhausted, so you want to finish washing your tackle as soon as possible and get under the covers.

Also, the size of the mesh eyes is

It has an exquisite size that makes it difficult for hooks to get caught in rock shore fishing.

And two handles.

The top part is the same as a regular case, but the side handles have three uses.

  • Drain after washing

As mentioned in the mesh section, you can easily drain water.

  • During a short trip from the base on the shore to the fishing seat

When you move from the base where you keep all your belongings on the shore to the fishing spot, you should take your tackle and lure case with you.

If you use the handle on the side, you can hold the tackle and case with one hand, leaving your other hand open for movement, making it safer.

  • Inserting and removing from backpack

The size is designed to fit perfectly into the Cyan HD backpack, and the handle on the side makes it easy to put it in and take it out.

Originally, I wanted this feature and asked for a side handle to be added.

The same goes for lures, but if you put in a bottom device (such as a weight), it becomes quite heavy, so it's a pain to put it in and take it out by pinching the edge of the case, and the case itself is a little diagonal when you hold it. It was stressful because it got stuck and was difficult to get out.

The handle on the side makes it so much easier.

There are 2 sizes.

M size W360*D125*H110±5mm

L size W360*D250*H110±5mm

Both sizes exceed 200mm and can even accommodate 300mm class lures.

Regarding the L size, it can hold nearly 20 lures between 180mm and 240mm.

I'm the type of person who likes to carry a lot of lures, so I mainly use the L size.

As for the M size, I use it to store a set of bottoms.

It has a perfect Cinderella fit for holding piton sets, hakens, and hammers, and is also easy to clean.

It is used not only for lure fishing but also for bait fishing.

Thank you for taking a look at the three Cyan Apparel products above.

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