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Introducing JACKALL's first landing net.

Introducing the first landing net for bass fishing from JACKALL.

In the land game, the landing net is

・You can catch fish even from high places.

・You can land easily without having to use an unreasonable system.

・Able to handle unexpected large objects and outcasts.

- Prevents fish from falling to the ground.

It brings many benefits to anglers.

On the other hand, the disadvantages such as being heavy and bulky cancel out the advantages, and many anglers do not carry them with them.

JACKALL's "Tactical Landing Net" is designed to reduce these disadvantages and allow for comfortable handling.

point.1 Pursuing lightness

The shaft part has a high carbon ratio to achieve both lightness and durability.

The weight of the shaft part (without the net attached) is

It is lightweight at approximately 155g for 180 size and approximately 200g for 240 size.

It is less burdensome to carry and supports the challenge of landing points that you were hesitant to attack until now. Expand the range of field strategies.

point.2 Deformed frame with an angle

The frame part of the net is a deformed frame with an angled end. Especially when landing from a high place, it assists in a smooth landing by contacting the fish quickly.

point.3 The net uses a PVC net that prevents triple hooks from getting tangled.

By using a seamless PVC net, the hooks are less likely to get tangled in the net, which is especially beneficial for lures with triple hooks.

You can quickly remove the hook from the net, so your fishing reunion will be smooth.

point.4 2 sizes available

The 180 size is suitable for small fields such as field ponds and waterways. Furthermore, even if the footing is good, it can serve as a landing aid when using finesse tackle or in situations where bushes are thick in front of you and it is difficult to pull out the fish in the first place.

The 240 size can secure a long distance of nearly 3 meters, including the arms and net part. Allows landing at high altitudes. In addition, the net frame itself is slightly larger, so you can safely handle even unexpected large objects.

Each item will be on sale for a limited time on this Jackal official shopping site.

Release date: 11/10 (Friday) 12:00 PM~

Price: 180 size = 15,000 yen (16,500 yen including tax), 240 size = 16,000 yen (17,600 yen including tax)

*Purchase is limited to one item per person. note that.