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[WEB Pre-sale] Buri Buri Minnow HF Rattle is now available!

We will be pre-selling the Buri Buri Minnow HF Rattle, scheduled to be released in 2024, at the WEBSHOP.

Turn the beginning of a thread after a stream into an opportunity

An effective lure when the spoon starts to get threaded after being released.
Equipped with a prism scale that is appealing even in clear colors.
Equipped with a tip-folding lip that catches water well and has excellent movement, it swims wide even with slow retrieves.

The scale pattern that is usually carved on the side of the lure is expressed by carving scale-like irregularities on the inside of the body to create a realistic scale pattern.

In addition, the diffused reflection during swimming increases the appeal to fish.

High float + glass rattle suitable for modern fish

In today's area trout fishing, where fish density is low and fish must be attracted from a wide range, by using a highly buoyant lure with a glass rattle to appeal to a wide range, you can attract highly active fish from a distance.

Spec comparison with Buri Buri Minnow series

Color lineup

Length 40mm
Weight 2.1g
Hook Size e-hook #8
Ring Size Ring #0
Price ¥1430 (tax included)

Scheduled release date: February 22, 2024 12:00~

*Purchase is limited to one of each color per person. please note that.