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[WEB limited] It's not just big! Trunk cargo set is now available!

Thank you for always using JAKCALL OFFCIAL SHOPPING SITE.

A trunk cargo set will be available as an item limited to this site.

I think there are many anglers who use cars for their daily fishing, but have you ever been so absorbed in fishing that your fishing gear and clothes are scattered around?

Jackal's trunk cargo comes with a set of inner boxes for sorting, making trunk storage more convenient and comfortable!

The inner box can be used to suit different purposes, such as storing wet waders and a change of clothes separately, or storing fishing equipment and types of fishing separately, and then taking them out with the inner box.

In addition, the cargo body and inner box are made of EVA that is resistant to stains and water, and can be cleaned individually.

When you close the lid of the cargo body, the entire cargo is covered and the contents are not visible from the outside, giving it a clean look. The lid of the inner box is clear, making it easy to identify the contents.

The release date is scheduled for Friday, September 8th from 12:00.

Please check it!