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WEBSHOP limited items now available!

To commemorate the renewal of WEBSHOP, limited items that can only be purchased at WEBSHOP will be released. We have a lineup of items that you will want to use not only for fishing scenes, but also for everyday life!

metal handle thermo bottle

A thermo bottle with a handle that is convenient to carry. It has a vacuum double structure and has a heat and cold insulation effect, making it easy to use for fishing and outdoors. Capacity: approx. 500ml

car sunshade

A car sunshade that can be deployed with one touch. Shuts out intense sunlight and ultraviolet rays. When not in use, it can be folded into a small size, so it doesn't take up much space in your car. Comes with a storage bag.
*Not compatible with all car models. Please check the size of this product on the product page.
*The photo is an example of when attached to a delica.
Carabiner keychain & multi-key tool (each sold separately)
Carabiner key chains come with multiple key rings attached to a large carabiner. Keys and fishing tools can be attached to suit your needs. If you attach the multi-key tool introduced next, you can conveniently use it as a quick line cutter.
The Multi-Key Tool functions as a multi-purpose tool that looks like a key at first glance. In addition to the line cutter function that is great for fishing, it is packed with functions that are useful for fishing, outdoors, and everyday life, such as a pull tab lifter, nut turning, carton opener, flat head screwdriver, and bottle opener. It's about the same size as a regular key, so it doesn't get in the way when you carry it around.
logo mug
The ceramic logo mug has a simple design that is easy to use at the office or at home. The logo part is designed with a water-repellent finish that repels glaze (a glassy film that coats and colors the surface of ceramics), allowing you to enjoy the three-dimensional feel and feel of the ceramic base. The slightly larger size mug allows you to enjoy plenty of drinks.
WEBSHOP exclusive items will continue to be released one after another. Please check it.