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Cushion tie rubber box deep type [black]

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Tairaba heads of various shapes can be stored snugly.

*This product is limited to 3 pieces per person so that more customers can purchase it. Thank you for your understanding.

Since it is deeper than the conventional (normal) model, it is possible to store various shapes and heavy and large heads. The dimensions of the case other than the depth are the same as the conventional (normal) model, so there is no waste when stacking them, and they can be stored neatly in bags. The main body color is gray, making it instantly distinguishable from the normal model (black or red).

The internal cushion, which is the biggest feature, is a specially designed design that has been developed through repeated tests, paying close attention to the hardness, height, spacing and depth of the cushion grooves, etc.

This allows you to neatly store lures of various shapes and sizes, such as Tairaba heads, binbin switches, and metal jigs.

In addition, the specially designed cushion holds the contents securely, so if the case is tightly closed, the contents will not move even if the case is shaken. There is no rattling sound and the lure is prevented from being damaged by hitting inside the case.

Furthermore, the lock part uses a double lock, which allows it to be securely fixed, preventing the risk of the lid opening accidentally and the contents spilling out.

This is a tackle box that embodies the ideal, considering the support of various scenes in Tairaba.

■Compatible items ・TG Bing Switch/~120g
・TG Binbindama slide head NEO/~234g
・TG Bin Bindama Slide Lightning Head/~156g
・Lead-type bottle slide head/~120g
・Bakuryu lead type binbin slide/~250g
・Lead-type Bing Switch/~120g
・Replacement hook type anchovy Dragon Tenya ~ No. 60 ・TG replacement hook type Anchovy Dragon Tenya ~ No. 60

Made in JAPAN

*Some combinations of contents may not be able to be stored. Please note.

*The cushion is designed to be resilient, but it may be difficult to restore depending on the frequency of use and the head or jig being stored. Please note.

*If the lure is left in the box, the cushion's resilience will weaken.

*For soft lures and elastomer-based materials, if left unattended for a long time, the lure body, case, and partition may melt or deform.

*Please note that if left in a car or in a place exposed to direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity for a long period of time, the case itself and the items stored therein may become deformed, damaged, or deteriorate.

*Due to the color of the body, scratches and uneven resin may be noticeable. There is no problem with the quality, so please use it with confidence.

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