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Sensitive warm gloves [black]

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Adopts Titanium α. It combines cold protection and high sensitivity, making fishing on cold days comfortable.

The main fabric is Titanium α, which is an ultra-thin chloroprene fabric coated with a special coating of titanium alloy in an ultra-thin film of 70 microns, which provides high insulation and heat retention.

In addition, the index finger, middle finger, and palm part are open specifications. The thumb has a 2-way design that allows it to be fingerless, providing high sensitivity while preventing cold weather.

The cut positions of the index finger and middle finger, as well as the cut angle and position of the thumb, have been adjusted many times so as not to interfere with sensitivity.

These high-spec gloves help anglers concentrate on fishing comfortably and get better fishing results when fishing requires precision even in the coldest months.

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