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Tactical Landing Net 240 [Black/Red]

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Pursuing the performance of a landing net.

The tactical landing net pursues the performance of a landing net required for modern bass fishing. It was developed to make the entire process smoother and more comfortable, from before to after catching a fish.
*The net frame and shaft are connected using a screw type.

◾️Light enough to carry around easily.
By increasing the carbon ratio, the weight of the shaft has been reduced to approximately 155g for the 180 size and approximately 200g for the 240 size. Reduces the burden of carrying. The grip is also slim and easy to grasp, making it easy to handle even for people with small hands.

◾️Special net frame shape The net frame shape uses an angled shape at the tip. By quickly contacting fish on the surface of the water, you can make a smooth landing. Also, when you put a fish in from a high place and pull it out, the fish will come close to the tip of the net. At that time, the angle of the frame creates depth between the net and the frame, reducing the chance of the fish jumping out of the net even if it goes wild.

◾️ Seamless PVC net is gentle on both anglers and fish The net part uses a seamless PVC net. Eliminates the stress of getting the hook tangled in the seam when catching a fish. Especially with lures with triple hooks, you can feel the benefits greatly.

Also, the color of the net itself is clear. Even under the scorching sun, the net itself does not retain heat, minimizing damage to the fish.

◾️ Available in 2 sizes that can be used according to the field
The 180 size is easy to handle and is useful in small fields such as ponds and waterways. It is also ideal for landing aid when using finesse tackle, which makes it difficult to pull out fish even when you can reach the water surface, or when responding to unexpected big fish.

The 240 size is useful not only for landing at high places, but also for power finesse and other situations where you need to catch the ball at the tip of the hook. If you include the tip of the net and the arms, it will be over 3m long, so it can be used as a landing net. The size of the net frame is also larger than the 180, allowing for a more spacious landing.

In addition, there is a hole for draining water at the end of the grip.
Also included is a simple belt (with D-rings) for carrying.

*The weight and length are average values. Please note that there may actually be slight individual differences.

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