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Tiaro 2.6g

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Tiaro 2.6g large blank model re-released

This is a large blank model of Tiaro that has received many requests from anglers who go to large ponds such as Lake Higashiyama.

Three weights are available: 2.6g, 3.1g, and 3.8g.

There are 6 colors: Holo Chart Black, Daigomite II, Daigo Green Bow, Yaji Shiruhowa UV, Hiryu Orekin, and Grikin Chart.

Anglers looking for a large blank model of Tiaro, please take advantage of this opportunity.

*For this product, each person can order up to 3 pieces of 1 color. (Colors with the same weight will be separate items)

*This product will be shipped using the delivery method "Yu-Packet". Yu-Packet cannot be paid by cash on delivery. Please note that if you select "Cash on Delivery", we will cancel your order once.

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