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Hybrid stretch pants [beige]

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It combines high elasticity and durability to support fishing scenes more comfortably.

It has high elasticity that allows you to be comfortable during fishing situations where you take a wide variety of postures, and the highly durable Cordura fabric is used in areas such as the waist and knees that often come into contact with the ground when landing. Adopted. In addition, since it is water-repellent, you can fish stress-free even in light rain or when you get splashed with water.

By pinching the fabric around the knees during sewing to create extra room, we have achieved ease of movement when performing bending and stretching exercises. The main fabric is made of a material that has a good balance of windproofness and breathability, making it suitable for all seasons.

The side pockets have a zipper so you can safely store your valuables, and the back pocket has a wide opening for easy access and a deep setting to ensure storage capacity.

All-season pants with fishing specs down to the smallest detail. The smart silhouette allows you to wear it stylishly even in active situations.

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