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Packable boots R/olive

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Packable boots that have been updated to be less tiring.

Packable boots R whose specifications have been reviewed to optimize them for the fishing scene.

The most important points are the outsole and insole, which are responsible for comfort. Compared to conventional products, the outsole is slightly harder, reducing the feeling of direct thrust from the ground. Furthermore, the insole uses a 3mm thick insole with excellent cushioning and breathability, reducing the burden on the feet.

Also, the strap placement has been changed from the side to the back. This prevents the strap from getting caught in bushes when rowing.

It is useful in various situations such as rainy weather, muddy terrain with poor footing, and when rowing through the bushes.

It can be folded for compact storage. It is easy to carry in its own storage bag.

[About size selection]
If you are looking for a snug fit and comfort, the same size as your regular shoes is appropriate, but if you plan on wearing thick pants or thick socks, we recommend going one size larger.

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