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Panicura DR Rattle [Rum Raisin]

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It's simple to use. Just throw and roll.

Panicura is a crank that has been loved by everyone, from beginners to experts, because it is easy to catch fish just by casting and reeling. It is packed with plenty of elements that attract trout, and is easy to use, making it useful in a wide range of fields and situations.

The sound appeal of the glass rattle when reeling dead slow or knocking the bottom attracts highly active fish from a wide range. In addition, you can use Panicura DR Rattle to collect fish and use existing Panicura DR to make the fish use their mouths.

The original size Panicura achieves a low center of gravity by making the back side of the body thinner and the ventral side thicker. Combined with the weight of the tail, it provides stable wobbling action and excellent flight distance. When used for bottom knocking, the intense panic action that gives it its name strongly appeals to fish.

This is an item that will expand your range of area capture during this trout season.
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