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Fishing light bib [black]

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Flexible fishing bib for easy movement.

A fishing bib designed for ease of use in offshore fishing. Light and supple fabric reduces stiffness when worn. The chest pocket is perfect for storing smartphones, etc., so it won't get in the way even if you lean on a ship's helicopter or fence when fishing. There are also pockets on both thighs that can be used to store items that you want to access quickly. The front also features a sub-zipper in addition to the main zipper. This structure is especially nice for men, as they can use the restroom without having to pull down all the zippers and take off their bibs.

Additionally, there is a zipper on the hem, so it can be worn with boots or rain boots. All zippers on the main body are waterproof zippers.

It has excellent windproof properties and can be used in 3 seasons other than summer.

*Although this product has excellent waterproof properties, it is not completely waterproof. If there is a lot of rain, water splashes, or if you sit on a wet surface for a long time, water may seep in.

*Although it uses a water-stop zipper, it does not completely block water.

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