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Buriburi Minnow HF Rattle [Tacky Brown]

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Turn the beginning of a thread after a stream into an opportunity

An effective lure when the spoon starts to get threaded after being released. Equipped with a prism scale that is appealing even in clear colors. The scale pattern that is usually carved on the side of the lure has been carved with scale-like irregularities on the inside to create a realistic scale pattern and to increase the appeal to fish by reflecting diffusely while swimming.
Equipped with a folding lip that bites water well and starts moving, it has a wide swim even with slow retrieves.

In today's area trout fishing, where fish density is low and fish must be attracted from a wide range, by using a highly buoyant lure with a glass rattle to appeal to a wide range, you can attract highly active fish from a distance.

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