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Pompadour [Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Noodle]

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Nissin Foods✕JACKALL collaboration pompadour now available!

Introducing Pompadour, the world's first cup noodle and a collaboration with "Cup Noodles", which is an indispensable companion for us anglers!

This is a collaboration lure packed with Nissin Foods and JACKALL's commitment, such as realistically reproducing the ingredients for each cup noodle flavor and making it into a pompadour rattle. There are 4 flavors in total. Cup Noodle flavor and Seafood Noodle flavor will be sold exclusively at the 2024 Yokohama Fishing Festival venue. Curry noodle flavor and chili tomato flavor will be sold exclusively on the official shopping site.

-Purchase benefits-
Customers who purchase will receive an original sticker and a real cup noodle corresponding to each flavor for each lure!
(Example: If you purchase 2 Pompadour Cup Noodle Curry, you will receive 2 stickers and 2 real Cup Noodle Curry)

- Features of Pompadour [Cup Noodle Chili Tomato Noodle] -
Reproducing the addictive chili tomato soup color, which combines the sweetness and sourness of tomatoes with authentic spices such as chili and cumin. In addition to tomato cubes, corn, cabbage, and green beans, the rattle ingredients include "white mystery meat."
The red soup color stimulates the fish eater's predatory instincts and brings out the impressive bite scene. The rattle has the widest variety of materials and shapes in this lineup, and when the action begins, it scatters to create a complex rattle sound.

- spec -
Length: 79mm
Weight: 22.0g
Type: Floating

- Notes -
*For this product, each person can order up to 2 pieces of 1 color.

*If there are duplicates, we will cancel them all. note that.

*The flavor of the cup noodles you receive as a gift will correspond to each lure color, and you cannot specify a different flavor.

*We will ship the items in sequence as soon as they are ready. Delivery may be delayed depending on the order of your order and your area of ​​residence. Please note.

*In order to prevent delivery problems, please make sure your address is correct when placing your order. We may not be able to accept changes after your order is completed.

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