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Mikey SP Black Pirarucu R

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The phantom suspended model Mikey is reprinted!

We are reproducing a suspended model that was produced only once about 13 years ago in limited quantities. WEBSHOP will have a pre-sale before the general sale.

Black Pirarucu R is a brushed-up of the popular color that ranks among the most popular colors in Jackal Staff's ``Speaking of Mikey.''

The R at the end of the color name means Reiwa. In reproducing it in modern times, we suppressed the glare of the original Black Pirarucu and finished it in a calm color that is a little more mature. In addition, we have reviewed the unique scale pattern that shows Pirarucu's red color and will release it in a new color with a new look.

Please experience the mysterious fish attracting power of Black Pirarucu in the field, which can hardly be called a match-the-bait.

*For this product, each person can order up to one item of one color.

*If there is a duplicate, we will cancel it. note that.

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