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multi storage box

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Simple and practical. Introducing a compact and versatile box.

The multi-storage box is lightweight, just the right size, not too small and not too big, and is easy to carry.

The lid has a buckle and can be securely locked. The back of the lid is packed to prevent water from entering. (*Not completely waterproof)

Furthermore, three of these products fit perfectly into the Jackal "Tough Storage 5000", allowing for systematic operation.

Please use it to suit each angler's style, such as picking up the items you need for fishing, storing and carrying them, or storing them according to the lure type and accessories.

*Please do not use it for purposes other than storage, such as sitting on it or using it as a step stool.

*Due to the manufacturing process, some burrs or uneven resin may occur. Please note.

*There may be circular irregularities in the handle storage area on the top of the lid. This is because this is the point where resin is injected during the manufacturing process. There is no problem with the quality, so please use it with confidence.

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