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Light pliers [khaki]

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Pliers compatible with small diameter split rings

Light pliers were developed to address the basic performance required of pliers, such as line cutter and ring opener functions.

We paid special attention to the ability to work comfortably with #0 to #3 split rings, which are often used in bass fishing and light salt games. By pursuing the shape and thinness of the tip, it is easy to insert even small split rings.

The line cutter part of the main body is also serrated (serrated blade), making it compatible with PE lines. It is also Teflon treated and is resistant to rust.

The body shape has an asymmetrical design that makes it easy to grip, making it easy to apply force when changing hooks or removing hooks from fish, and making it easy to turn and twist.

Although it has a simple appearance, it is packed with ingenuity for anglers, including a stopper for safety.

*When cutting the PE line, please use the upper part of the serrations (jagged) part of the blade as much as possible. Due to the characteristics of the blade, the closer you go to the root, the harder it becomes to cut. note that.

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