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Windproof bore wrist warmer [gunmetal]

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Supports winter fishing in a warm and comfortable way while maintaining hand sensitivity! .

The windproof bore wrist warmer is an item that ensures heat retention and sensitivity while minimizing the discomfort you feel when gripping a rod or reel while wearing gloves.

The palm part is fully open, allowing you to directly touch the rod or reel, allowing you to fish with the usual feeling and sensitivity.

The outer fabric is made of a 3-layer material that is windproof and water repellent, while the inner fabric has a voluminous boa that is comfortable to the touch, ensuring your hands are protected from the cold.

In addition, the wrist part is designed to be longer to enhance the windproof effect, and a warmer pocket is placed on the inside of the wrist. It improves heat retention by warming the area around the wrist, which tends to get cold all over the body. *Please be careful of low-temperature burns when using a warmer. Compatible warmer size: up to about 96 x 70 mm. *2 Starting from the model released in 2023, Velcro is placed on the opening and closing part of the warmer pocket.

Also, the wrist is fully open, so you can easily put it on and take it off. Additionally, starting with the model released in 2023, we have revised the placement of the Velcro on the detachable part of the wrist to increase comfort when performing movements.

This item will keep you warm and comfortable while fishing in the coldest months, and will help you concentrate on fishing.

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