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ST Anorak Jacket [Yellow]

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Durable water repellent SPLA-TECT series. Packable and compact to carry.
An anorak jacket that can be enjoyed fashionably even when fishing.

Introducing an anorak jacket that allows you to enjoy the fishing scene comfortably and fashionably. The front zipper is shorter, so it has better heat retention and wind protection than full-zip ones. Equipped with a large front pocket and pockets on both chests, it has excellent storage capacity. The main unit itself can be packed into the front pocket, making it compact and portable. It is also convenient to keep it in your car or in your bag.

The large front pocket has a zipper and snap buttons for safe storage of valuables. Snap buttons are useful for easily opening and closing pockets and for preventing flaps from flapping due to wind. In addition, there are two inner pockets on the inside of the pocket that can be used to store stored items separately, making it possible to prevent stored items from being skewed and to store items smartly.

The pockets on both chests have concealed zippers that are invisible from the outside and are stylish.

The jackal logo on the front and back is a reflective print that is safe even in the dark before dawn or in the evening.

In addition, by applying Jackal's unique durable water-repellent treatment "SPLATECT", the water-repellent effect will last for a long time. The water repellent effect of ``Supratect'' protects anglers from light rain and water splashes during landing.

"SPLATECT" (trademark pending)

By applying a water-repellent coating to the entire product when it is turned into clothing, it provides a water-repellent effect that does not leave any gaps in the sewing areas, the back of the fabric, and even the parts. Also, applying heat from a dryer will maintain the water repellent effect for a long time. We comply with global environmental standards and do not contain any chemical substances that may affect the human body.

↑An experiment in which water was poured onto fabric treated with Supratect. Demonstrates excellent water repellency.

*This is an experiment to express water repellency in an easy-to-understand manner.

*Actually, the water repellent effect will vary depending on the compatibility with the fabric and how it is used.

*Although it is durable water repellent, the water repellent effect will gradually decrease.

*Cannot be used as full-fledged rainwear.

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