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TIMON Oniveji® Cap [Beige]

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It is also environmentally friendly as it uses OniVeg®, a next-generation sustainable material.

The TIMON brand has released a new environmentally friendly water-repellent cap made from OniVeji®, a next-generation sustainable material.

A baseball cap shape that anyone can wear without hesitation, and a coloring that is easy to match with a variety of outfits. It also has a water-repellent effect, so you don't have to worry about sudden light rain or splashes of water. You can wear it stress-free due to its cotton-like soft feel.

And in order to be as kind to the natural environment that provides us with the wonderful activity of fishing, we use OniVeg®, recycled nylon, and light shell taffeta developed by Komatsu Matere, an environmentally friendly material containing natural ingredients and natural colors. use. Natural colors created from materials that would normally be thrown away. Eco-friendly materials containing natural ingredients. We use recycled yarn produced during the production process in our factories, pre-consumer recycled nylon yarn, and dye it with ingredients extracted from discarded onion skins and ingredients from discarded plant materials. Every step of the process, right down to water processing, is carefully crafted. The natural and soft colors that can only be achieved with plant materials, which cannot be achieved with chemical dyes alone, are gentle on the eyes as they reflect less ultraviolet rays and the amount of ultraviolet rays that enter the eyes is small, and their flavor only improves over time. It is also attractive to come.

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