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Long sleeve tea (antibacterial and deodorizing) [gray]

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Long sleeve T-shirt with antibacterial and deodorizing specifications suitable for all seasons

From summer to autumn, from winter to spring. Introducing a long sleeve T-shirt that can be worn comfortably even between seasons.

XXL size will also be available starting from the 2023 release!

The fabric uses thread called vortex thread, which is made with a special sewing machine. Unlike other spinning methods, the yarn is spun using a unique method that uses a swirling flow of air, and the fibers are firmly held in the inner layer of the yarn, making it the ``spun yarn with the least fuzz'' that prevents the fibers from moving. It becomes.

Therefore, it has excellent anti-pilling properties (hard to generate pilling, etc.) and abrasion resistance.

Furthermore, the stiff finish makes it difficult to wear out even though it has a slightly loose silhouette.

Once washed and worn, you will enjoy a unique comfort that is neither too stiff nor too soft.

It also has an antibacterial and deodorizing function, which reduces discomfort when fishing.

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