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FT Extra Thick Heat Inner Shirt [Black]

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High-spec, extra-thick heat innerwear for the extremely cold season.

FT (Field Tech) Extra Thick Heat Inner Series

We have developed a fabric that has moisture absorption and heat generation properties that convert moisture emitted by the body (sweat, water vapor, etc.) into heat, dry performance that keeps you comfortable, and excellent stretch and soft texture that does not interfere with your fishing movements. A high performance innerwear that supports fishing during the harsh mid-winter season.

In addition to the warmth of the extra-thick moisture-absorbing and heat-generating fabric, the FT extra-thick heated inner shirt has excellent elasticity to accommodate your body movements, reducing the feeling of tightness even though it is an extra-thick fabric.

It is especially recommended for fishing in extremely cold field conditions, or for fishing on bass boats or rental boats where there is no escape from the cold.

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For those who are looking for something lighter and easier to move in, we also recommend the FT Medium Thick Heat Inner Shirt .

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