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Heat movement hoodie [gray]

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A new model with added functionality to the hoodie, which is an iconic item in the fishing scene.

"Heat Movement" is a filling material that uses a special three-layer fabric that retains heat and stores heat while maintaining appropriate breathability. The clothing itself creates an appropriate environment according to the temperature and body temperature, reducing the discomfort caused by stuffiness and reducing the frequency of putting on and taking off clothing.

The body shape has a clean, sporty silhouette, but has excellent stretch and does not hinder movement during fishing. Not only can it be worn alone, but it's also perfect for pairing with an outer shell that would otherwise feel stiff and cramped with a regular sweat hoodie. It is unisex and can be used by both men and women.

The logo is placed at the tips of the strings on the shoulders and hood. Although it is simple, we created an accent with attention to detail. There are also zippers on both sides of the front pocket to prevent the contents from falling out when you are bent over, such as when landing.

This is an item that can be used heavily during the winter season.

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