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Shade hoodie [black]

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Zip-up type hoodie provides a comfortable environment

A lightweight hoody jacket made of fabric with excellent stretch and breathability. Furthermore, by applying Jackal's unique durable water-repellent treatment "SPLATECT", the water-repellent effect lasts for a long time.

It is especially suitable for the spring and autumn seasons when there are large temperature differences and for adjusting body temperature in the field, and features a center zip up for easy putting on and taking off. In addition, the water repellent effect of ``Supratect'' protects the angler from light rain and water splashes during landing.

It is an item that provides a comfortable temperature and reduces the discomfort of getting wet, and is a comfortable ``SHADE'' for anglers.

"SPLATECT" (trademark pending)

By applying a water-repellent coating to the entire product when it is turned into clothing, it provides a water-repellent effect that does not leave any holes in the sewing area, the back of the fabric, and even the parts. Also, applying heat from a dryer will maintain the water repellent effect for a long time. We comply with global environmental standards and do not contain any chemical substances that may affect the human body.

↑An experiment in which water was poured onto fabric treated with Supratect. Demonstrates excellent water repellency.

*This is an experiment to express water repellency in an easy-to-understand manner.

*Actually, the water repellent effect will vary depending on the compatibility with the fabric and how it is used.

*Although it is durable water repellent, the water repellent effect will gradually decrease.

*Cannot be used as full-fledged rainwear.

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