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Self-inflating life jacket JK2520RS [Black/Blue]

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More nimble and safer. Supports safety in the field.

A basic type that can be used for various purposes such as boat fishing, cruising, and fishing from land.

The Halky Roberts HR-6F single indicator inflator detects water when falling into water and automatically inflates.

In addition, by using a manual activation method, it is possible to operate reliably at any time regardless of the environment or situation.

An 18g carbon dioxide gas cylinder is used to inflate the air chamber, creating a buoyancy of over 7.5kg/24 hours (initial buoyancy approximately 9.7kg).

Adopts a harness structure for improved strength and durability. The air chamber is attached to the belt, so it functions as a life jacket even if the cover is removed.

The cover can also be removed and washed, making maintenance easy.

*Before use, please check whether the cylinder or cartridge is used or loose.
*If you do not wish to replace the cylinder yourself, please take it to your local store.

Filling device: Halky Roberts HR-6F
Replacement cylinder kit: 18HR-6F
Water sensing inflatable life vest
suspender type
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism type approved product (with cherry blossom mark) Life jacket for small boats (inflatable type) TYPE A
(Can be used as legal equipment in all navigation areas for small vessels.)

*Please see the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website for details. Click here for the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism website

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