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Flexible light pants [camouflage]

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Eight-quarter length with excellent breathability. Mobility-specific pants that are surprisingly light and comfortable to wear, with excellent water repellency and stretch.

Cropped pants with outstanding mobility that boast excellent stretch and are perfect for Langan style.

Made of lightweight, water-repellent, tear-resistant ripstop material.

It boasts a high storage capacity with a total of 6 pockets, 2 on the sides, 2 on the front, and 2 on the back.

When all pockets are closed, they are stylish concealed zipper pockets that look as if there are no pockets at all.

Wearing sandals with bare feet will keep you cool and comfortable even on the hottest summer days. Pairing it with knee socks provides better breathability than long pants, allowing you to brush through the bushes.

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