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FT Cool Inner Pants [Black]

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Supports anglers with two cooling sensations and UV protection.

In recent summer seasons, in addition to intense ultraviolet rays, it is not uncommon for outside temperatures to reach temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius. The FT (Field Tech) Cool Inner Series is a high-performance compression inner with a variety of functions to support anglers facing the field under the scorching sun.

◾️Two cooling functions

- A special print mixed with a coolant is placed on the inside of the main body fabric (the part that comes into contact with the skin). The printed part reacts with moisture such as sweat and steam emitted from the body, creating a highly cooling effect. (The cooling effect is further enhanced by the wind.)

-Uses nylon thread with high cooling sensitivity, providing a cool feeling when worn.

◾️Comfortable to wear even when worn for long periods of time

-The waist (back side), which tends to sweat, is made of mesh material for quick drying. (There is no cooling sensation in the mesh part)

-Flat seamer finish using a special sewing machine. The seams between the fabrics are flat, so there is no looseness when worn.

◾️UV cut

・Reduces skin damage and fatigue caused by ultraviolet rays. In addition to the size lineup from S to XL, there is also a women's size lineup. Wear it under your usual shorts to support the summer fishing scene.

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