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Stretch comfit pants [gray]

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Excellent stretchability. These long pants are so light and smooth that it feels like you're not even wearing them, making them comfortable even in the summer.

They are smooth and comfortable to wear, and although they are full-length pants, they do not feel sticky, making them an item that can be used in three seasons from spring to autumn. The basic silhouette is straight and uncluttered, making it suitable for any wearer, but you can also play around with changing the silhouette by adjusting the drawcord at the hem.

Ventilation is placed on the back for excellent breathability.

Size adjustment is possible with the webbing belt. The front right side is equipped with a D-ring, allowing you to attach small items.

The side pockets feature zipper pockets. The back pockets are deep and have a structure that prevents items from falling out.

By mixing the essence required for fishing scenes, such as stretchability with an emphasis on ease of movement, we have created pants that can be worn in a wide range of situations, from everyday wear to the field.

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