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Tactical sandals [olive]

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Functional and playful sandals that will make you want to head to the field right away are now available!

Introducing functional and stylish sandals that are great for fishing, as well as outdoor activities and town use.

The biggest feature of tactical sandals is the removable back strap. It has a 2-way design that allows you to attach and detach the back strap depending on your mood and purpose for the day.When you need stability when fishing or wearing it, you can attach the strap, and when you want to relax, you can remove it and easily put it on and take it off. can. It's functional and allows you to expand your range of coordination, allowing you to enjoy summer more comfortably and stylishly. *When attaching the back strap, please make sure that the strap is secured before wearing.

The sole has a grippy sole shape, so it holds your footing firmly.

Both the front and back have a size adjustment function that allows them to fit your feet, and a cushion is placed on the back strap, which is prone to chafing. You can wear it stress-free.

In addition, side holes are placed on both sides to ensure good ventilation and prevent stuffiness, supporting activities on hot summer days.

A must-have item for summer play that gives you an aggressive feeling.

*From shipments in 2023, due to product improvements, the color of the belt parts will be changed from black to gray, and the material will be changed from resin to metal.

*All parts color is gray regardless of the main body color.

*Precautions when attaching and detaching

Please do not pull on the back strap to put on or take off.

Placing excessive stress on the parts, such as by pulling the backstrap too hard, may cause damage to the parts. Be sure to loosen the strap when putting on and taking off.

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