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Separable fish scissors [gray]

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Handle fish easily and safely! Easy to clean as it can be disassembled. Scissors that can always be kept clean.

The biggest feature is that the upper and lower blades can be separated from the caulking (the joint between the upper and lower blades). The disassembly structure makes it easy to wash and can be used cleanly at any time.

It also uses a patented technology that allows the blade to be moved, making it convenient for opening packages of bait such as krill and sardines, as it can be used without opening the scissors.

The shape of the blade has also been carefully considered, and by setting the angle diagonally to the handle, when squeezing or handling a fish, there is no stress on the wrist, making it easier to check the target part and handle the operation. Designed like that.

By creating a difference in the length of the upper and lower blades *1, we create a ``hikiri effect'' (an effect equivalent to the sharpness of a knife when you pull it back), resulting in outstanding sharpness.

*1 Upper blade approx. 65mm, lower blade approx. 55mm

The blade has been subjected to a process called serration, which gives the cutting edge a jagged, serrated edge, making it non-slip and providing a comfortable cutting experience.

Even hard parts such as bones and splinters can be powerfully cut by using the U-shaped blade at the base of the blade.

In addition, the material of the blade is selected from among the many stainless steel materials that allow for comfortable handling of fish. It is also fluorine treated*2, making it resistant to rust.

*2 Fluorine processing meets the safety standards required for food products.

The cutting process, which determines the sharpness of scissors, is done by craftsmen in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, a city famous for producing cutlery, who sharpen each scissor one by one and test its sharpness.

These multi-functional scissors are useful not only for squeezing and handling fish, but also for opening packages and quickly preparing bait for tenya during actual fishing.

Made in JAPAN

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