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LT line cut scissors [black]

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Achieves a light feel and excellent sharpness. A line cutter that can easily cut PE line.

The Light Touch Line Cut Scissors are line cutters that can comfortably and quickly cut not only monofilament line but also sagging PE line.

The secret to being able to comfortably cut PE line lies in the blade and crimping (the joint between the upper and lower blades).

First of all, the blade has a process called serration that makes the cutting edge have a jagged serration pattern, which allows the line to cut firmly together without slipping on the blade. .

In addition, by combining the wave washer, which is the first in the scissor industry, in the caulking part, we have achieved powerful cutting despite a light touch.

In addition, the blade is designed so that the upper and lower blades are asymmetrical. By making one blade thinner, you can comfortably make delicate cuts such as when tying knots.

The material of the blade is stainless steel treated with fluorine, making it resistant to rust.

In addition, the process of attaching the blades, which determines the sharpness of the scissors, is done by craftsmen in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for producing cutlery, and each scissor is attached and tested for sharpness.

Although the scissors are compact, the handles are large, so you can use them while wearing gloves.

It is a must-have not only for use in salt water, but also for bass fishing where PE lines are increasingly used. Introducing an item that truly captures the moment.

*Due to the structure of scissors, the sharpness increases as you go towards the cutting edge. When cutting thin PE lines, you can cut more comfortably by using the cutting edge.

Made in JAPAN

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