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Cool UV cut gloves [gray camo]

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Summer palmless gloves that allow you to enjoy fishing comfortably even in the hot summer with UPF50+ and a cool touch!

Made of material with UPF50+ UV protection, and the wrist part is longer.

In addition, it also has a cooling sensation function, so it feels cool to the touch, and when combined with long sleeve items such as Field Tech inner shirts and zip-up dry hoodies, it protects the entire arm from sunburn and summer heat. It is possible.

In addition, the part up to the first joint of the finger that touches the rod and the part from the index finger to the thumb are made of synthetic leather material that provides grip and durability.

Since it is fingerless and has a palmless design with a large palm opening, the part that affects sensitivity comes into direct contact with the rod, allowing you to enjoy fishing as if you were fishing with your bare hands. It supports fishing results.

There is a tab on the inside of the wrist that can be pulled to improve the fit when worn.

Enjoy summer fishing in comfort with our Summer Gloves, which are packed with attention to detail.

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