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Versatile Gloves Five Finger [Blue]

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A highly versatile five-finger glove that protects your fingers and wrists from the cold and keeps you warm.

Versatile Glove Five Finger is a versatile fishing glove that can be used in various fishing situations.

The back of the hand is made of windproof and water-repellent 3-layer soft shell material. The inside is made of brushed material that feels great against the skin. The sides of the index finger to little finger are made of Torino Cool, which has excellent water absorption, quick drying properties, and stretch properties, so it dries quickly and doesn't become sticky even when you sweat, and expands and contracts with the movement of your fingers. , you can concentrate on fishing comfortably.

The palm side is made of thin and durable suede synthetic leather to maintain the sensitivity of your hands as much as possible.

In addition, the wrist can be fitted securely with Velcro, and the thumb part can be made of different fabrics to make it easier to grip the rod. Therefore, the gloves do not slip off during the fight and are suitable for big fish games.

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