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bank scissors

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A line cutter optimized for land use.

Portability that allows you to attach it to your bag or loop, easy handling that allows you to quickly cut the line when needed, safety that prevents you from touching the blade even if you accidentally put your hand on it, and a design that makes you want to carry it around. This is a line cutter that combines functionality and practicality for land use.

An innovative structure where the blade appears when you squeeze the triggers on both sides of the body. We repeatedly tried to find the shape of the trigger that was easy to grip. When not in use, the blade is difficult to expose and is safe. In addition, the blade part has a serration shape (serrated blade specification) to prevent the line from slipping on the blade, making it compatible with nylon and fluorocarbon lines as well as PE lines.

The upper part of the main unit has a carabiner structure, so it can be attached to a bag etc. with one touch.

Comes with a case to prevent the blade from accidentally flying out.

Material: Body - ABS, Blade - Stainless steel

*The blade is made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant, but if left wet, it may cause rust. please note.

*Please note that the blade may pop out if unexpected force is applied.

*When transporting, please put it in the included case.

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