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Flap backpack [black]

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Adopts a side flap structure that maximizes the advantages of backpack style.

Introducing a new backpack with the perfect size for running from field to field.

The advantage of a backpack type is that the load is spread evenly over your body, so your shoulders and lower back won't get tired even if you carry it for long periods of time, and you can use both hands freely.

On the other hand, when loading and unloading luggage, it is almost always necessary to take down the bag itself. Repeating this action every time you change lures or take out your luggage will impair the mobility of your backpack style.

The biggest feature of this flap backpack, as its name suggests, is that the flaps on both sides can be opened and closed, allowing you to access the contents without having to take the bag down. For example, when changing lures, you can change lures with minimal movements, so you don't lose the fishing tempo and don't miss any momentary opportunities.

The upper front pocket is large enough to comfortably accommodate a Jackal 1500D tackle box. It is also equipped with a zipper and a magnet that allows you to easily close the pocket. It has a deep gusset and is secured with a magnet to prevent stored items from falling out even when moved, making it ideal for storing frequently used items while running.

In addition, there is a pocket for small items on the inside of the flap, which supports anglers in terms of storage.

The JACKALL logo on the back that appears when you take the bag down is also a design point.

A new proposal for backpack style is the "flap backpack."

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