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Shore gamer bag [black]

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A ``just-sized'' shoulder bag with the capacity you need for a day of fishing.

A shoulder bag created with convenience in mind for shore gamers.
Equipped with a full range of functions down to the smallest details, it provides strong support for shore gamers.

The lid of the main compartment, where the contents are most likely to be taken out and taken out, opens towards the angler, making it easy to check the contents and reducing the risk of accidentally dropping the contents. It also functions as a simple tray, allowing you to temporarily place lures, hook packages, etc. when changing lures, etc.

The capacity can accommodate four Jackal 1500D tackle boxes, and it can also accommodate up to 3000D tackle boxes, making it suitable for any style of shore game.

In addition, the front pocket opens in the front, making it easy to check the contents even when carrying the bag on your back, making it ideal for storing frequently used items. There are two mesh pockets inside that can store hooks, sinkers, etc.

A rod holder is standard equipped on the left side of the main body. It also supports 2-tackle fishing, which has now become standard. Furthermore, it is also possible to attach a rod holder (sold separately) to the right side, making it highly expandable.

Other features include a pliers holder, front drawcord, and flexible parts that allow the shoulder to follow your body movements, all of which are classic shoulder-type bags, but we have also incorporated ingenuity and ideas that respond to the modern fishing scene.

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