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Spare tail for Nagisa 65

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Spare tail for Nagisa 65

This is a spare tail for Nagisa 65 .
This is a set of 3 tails of the same color.
Please use it as a replacement when the tail becomes curly or torn.

*Nagisa 65 body is not included.
*The tail of this product is made of elastomer. Please do not store it together with other hard lures or soft lures, as this may cause problems such as color transfer, fading, or dissolution.

■Price: 500 yen (550 yen including tax)
■Quantity: 3 bottles ■Color: 3 colors in total ■Weight: 1 pack 13g

[Tail replacement method]

1) Prepare the body with the damaged tail removed and the spare tail.

If the spare tail is bent, it will interfere with the action, so please store it so that it does not get bent.

2) Pass the tip of the spare tail through from the rear.

Pull the tip out of the hole at the bottom of the rear hook.

3) Once the tail is firmly seated, pull it through the pilot hole to adjust its position.

Pull it out of the body up to the slip-stop part that prevents it from coming off.

4) Adjust the position and cut the tip of the anti-slip part

Please cut at the last possible position of the anti-slip part. Please note that if the excess part becomes too large, it will be affected by water resistance and will interfere with the action.

*If you only order parts, we will ship them using Yu-Packet. Yu-Packet cannot be paid by cash on delivery. Please note that if you select "Cash on Delivery", we will cancel your order once.

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