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Spare Lip Blast Bone Jr SF

SKU: 104699071240
Sale price¥330

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Blast Bone Jr SF exclusive lip

This is a genuine spare part for Blastbone Jr. SF .

Lure body size 190mm...for Blast Bone SF
Lure body size 150mm...for Blast Bone Jr. SF

*The size of the spare lip varies depending on the size of the main unit. Please check in advance.

*If the lip remains on the body, it may be difficult to completely remove it and may not be able to be replaced.

*Blast Bone Jr SF body is not included.

■Price: 300 yen (330 yen including tax)
■Quantity: 1 piece ■Weight: 1 pack 4g (including packaging)

*If you only order parts, we will ship them using Yu-Packet. Yu-Packet cannot be paid by cash on delivery. Please note that if you select "Cash on Delivery", we will cancel your order once.

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